Paul M. Livingston

I live in the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico and teach philosophy at the University of New Mexico.  I am the author of several books, most recently The Politics of Logic: Badiou, Wittgenstein, and the Consequences of Formalism (2012), The Problems of Contemporary Philosophy (co-authored with Andrew Cutrofello, 2015), and The Logic of Being: Realism, Truth, and Time (2017).

My current project is an investigation of several logics of the one and the many, primarily as these appear in the traditions of Platonism, Madhyamaka Buddhist philosophy, and twentieth century analytic philosophy, and of their implications for contemporary life and practice.

A recent interview with me by Richard Marshall of 3:16 Magazine is here.

Authored Books

Co-Edited Books

Idealism, Relativism and Realism: New Essays on Objectivity Beyond the Analytic-Continental Divide (co-edited with Dominik Finkelde) (De Gruyter, 2020)

Beyond the Analytic-Continental Divide: Pluralist Philosophy in the Twentieth Century (co-edited with Jeffrey A. Bell and Andrew Cutrofello) (Routledge, 2016)


Thinking and Being are not the Same
Forthcoming (2024) in Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Wittgenstein Symposium, ed. by Herbert Hrachovec and Jakub Mácha

Unity and Predication in Plato’s Parmenides and Nāgārjuna’s Mūlamadhyamakakārikā
Forthcoming in Leaving the Cave and Entering the Stream: Buddhist-Platonist Dialogues, ed. by Amber Carpenter and Pierre-Julien Harter (Oxford U. Press)

Anomalous Monism and the Univocity of Being
Forthcoming in 21st Century Philosophy of Events: Beyond the Analytic-Continental Divide, ed. by James Bahoh

'There is no such thing as the subject that thinks:' Wittgenstein and Lacan on Truth and the Subject
In Objective Fictions: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Marxism, ed. by Adrian Johnston, Boštjan Nedoh, and Alenka Zupančič (Edinburgh U. Press, 2021), pp. 165-82.

Formal Truth and the Unconscious
In From Cogito to Covid: Rethinking Lacan's 'Science and Truth', ed. by Molly A. Wallace and Concetta Principe (Palgrave, 2022), pp. 19-43.

Indexicalism and Paradox
Cosmos and History: the Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, 17(2) (2021), pp. 66-97.

Formal-Syntactical Thinking and the Structure of the World
In Thought: A Philosophical History,  ed. by  Panayiota Vassilopoulou and Daniel Whistler (Routledge, 2021), pp. 101-124.

What is a Logic of Sense?  Deleuze with Frege, Carnap, and Quine
Forthcoming in Circles: A Journal of Philosophy 
Temporal Paradox, Realism, and Subjectivity
In Parallax: The Dialectics of Mind and World, ed. by Dominik Finkelde, Slavoj Žižek, and Christoph Menke (Bloomsbury, 2021), pp. 81-92.

Sense, Realism, and Ontological Difference
In  Idealism, Relativism, and Realism: New Essays on Objectivity Beyond the Analytic-Continental Divide, ed. by Dominik Finkelde and Paul M. Livingston (De Gruyter, 2020)

Science, Language, and the ‘Truth of the Subject’: Lacan and Wittgenstein
Crisis and Critique 5:1 (March 2018), pp. 236-259.

Wittgenstein, Mathematics, and the Temporality of Technique
In Humanizing Mathematics and its Philosophy: Essays Celebrating the 90th Birthday of Reuben Hersh, ed. by Bharath Sririman (Springer, 2017)
Univocity, Duality, and Ideal Genesis: Deleuze and Plato (with John Bova)
In Continental Metaphysics: Ancient and Modern, ed. by Abraham Greenstine and Ryan Johnson (Edinburgh U. Press, 2017)
Presentation and the Ontology of Consciousness                        
Grazer Philosophische Studien 94:3 (2017), pp. 301-331.
Formalism, Ideology, Critique: Althusser after Badiou
In Badiou and the State, ed. by Dominik Finkelde (Nomos Verlag and Bloomsbury, 2017)

Lacan, Deleuze, and the Consequences of Formalism
In Lacan and Deleuze: A Disjunctive Synthesis, ed. by Boštjan Nedoh and Andreja Zevnik (Edinburgh U. Press, 2016)

Naturalism, Conventionalism, and Forms of Life: Wittgenstein and the ‘Cratylus’
Nordic Wittgenstein Review 4:2 (2015), pp. 7-38.  
Wittgenstein Reads Heidegger, Heidegger Reads Wittgenstein: Thinking Language Bounding World
In Beyond the Analytic-Continental Divide: Pluralist Philosophy in the Twenty-First Century, ed. by Jeffrey A. Bell, Andrew Cutrofello, and Paul M. Livingston (Routledge, 2015), pp. 222-48. 

Wittgenstein and Plato on Being, Naming, and Forms of Life
Al-Mukhatabat: A Trilingual Journal for Logic, Epistemology, and Analytical Philosophy 9 (2014), pp. 322-342.  
The Sense of Finitude and the Finitude of Sense
In Semantics and Beyond: Philosophical and Linguistic Investigations, ed. by Piotr Stalmaszczyk (Ontos Verlag, 2014), pp. 161-84.

Realism and the Infinite
Speculations: A Journal of Speculative Realism IV (2013), pp. 99-117.
Phenomenal Concepts and the Problem of Acquaintance
Journal of Consciousness Studies 20: 5-6 (2013), pp. 71-92.

Badiou and the Consequences of Formalism
Cosmos and History 8:1 (2012), pp. 130-149.

Derrida and Formal Logic: Formalising the Undecidable
Derrida Today 3:2 (2010), pp. 221-39

Wittgenstein, Turing, and the ‘Finitude’ of Language
Linguistic and Philosophical Investigations 9 (2010), pp. 215-47
The Breath of Sense: Language, Structure, and the Paradox of Origin
Konturen vol. 2 (2010), online with response and discussion by Samuel Wheeler 
 Agamben, Badiou, and Russell
Continental Philosophy Review 42:3 (2009), pp. 297-325

Review of Being and Event

51:2 (2008), pp. 217-238
Wittgenstein, Kant, and the Critique of Totality
Philosophy and Social Criticism 33:6 (2007), pp. 691-715
Rationalist Elements of Twentieth-Century Analytic Philosophy
In Alan Nelson, ed., A Companion to Rationalism.  Blackwell, 2005.

‘Meaning Is Use’ in the Tractatus
Philosophical Investigations
27:1 (2004), pp. 34-67

Thinking and Being: Heidegger and Wittgenstein on Machination and Lived-Experience
Inquiry 46:3 (2003), pp. 324-45

Husserl and Schlick on the Logical Form of Experience
Synthese 132:2 (2002), pp. 239-72

Russellian and Wittgensteinian Atomism
Philosophical Investigations 24:1 (2001), pp. 30-54

Recent Presentations 

Thinking and Being are not the Same
Presentation to 43rd Annual Wittgenstein Symposium
Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria
10 August 2022

Wittgenstein and Nāgārjuna for Logic and Peace
Watzlawik Lecture
University of San Carlos, Philippines
March 26, 2022
(delivered via zoom)

Anomalous Monism and the Univocity of Being: Deleuze, Davidson, Spinoza
University of New Mexico philosophy colloquium
Albuquerque, NM, USA
March 11, 2022


Paul M. Livingston

Professor, Philosophy

Philosophy Department, University of New Mexico

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